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Balinese costume memorial photo that gained popularity in the Alit Gina is now present again in Watermark Hotel.

Why do not you take a nice photo in a variety of shooting point of Watermark Hotel & Spa?

Get an experience with your family, your mate, friends and also just yourself.


US$74   US$52 / 1 person 

For Honeymoon Costume will be charged an additional price US$7 for 1 person


You can take pictures in Watermark Hotel wearing a gorgeous color of Balinese costume.

 ◆ Balinese costume memorial photo(Duration 90~120 minutes) 

 ◆ Start time 10:00~16:00 


 ◆ Including service :

      - Welcome drink

      - Balinese costume

      - Hair makeup

      - CD image



Balinese Costume Memorial Photo

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