Shiatsu Massage 

Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$49 


It is a full body massage with emphasis on shoulder and waist by shiatsu and rubbing without using oil.
Effective for relaxing muscle and shoulder pain, this massage brings relaxation benefit to fatigue recovery.




Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51


It is a Balinese traditional oil massage. Carefully loosen each part with a firm pressure and invite you to relax.

Can select your favorite aroma oil.





Duration : 60 minutes 

Price :  US$51


It is a full body oil massage that promotes metabolism by combining Ayurveda style.

This massage will expedite the flow of lymph, eliminate swelling and fatigue. Can select your favorite aroma oil.





Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51


Full body massages using warm natural stone and palm. Relax the muscles while warming the body and heal the mind and body.

Can select your favorite aroma oil. 




Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$100


It is a full body oil massage that will be done by two therapists at the same time.

Rhythmic massage can be enjoyed by variety stroke using fingers, palm, fists and arms.





Duration : 120 minutes

Price :  US$107


Full body massages using special oils and gels. Effective for firming and fat decipher.

This massage is recommended also for blood circulation and relieve swollen.





Duration : 120 minutes

Price :  US$111


After Balinese oil massage, continued with "Lulur" that is a natural body scrubs made from a mixture of rice flour, herbs and spices.

Then Yogurt Pack to tighten pores and finally enjoyed the bath time including the cake.





Duration : 120 minutes

Price :  US$111


This course made to make women more beautiful, after Balinese Oil Massage will be done bust care (bust massage and bust pack).

Finally enjoyed the bath time including the cake.






Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51 


It’s a whole body treatment using fresh coconut and carrot. The treatments have mild scrub effects, suitable for sensitive skin and also great for person whose have skin sunburn. Give a cooling effect and moisture on the skin.





Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51


Smooth the whole body skin with "Lulur" that is a natural body scrubs made from a mixture of rice flour, herbs and spices. After Lulur, continued with Yogurt pack to tighten pores.





Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$58


Warm herbal balls filled with fresh herbs pressed on the body. Herbs penetrate directly into the body and effectively to warm the body, loosen stiff muscles, improve blood circulation, and removing toxic substances from the body.






Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51    


It is traditional Indonesian hair treatment. After massage the head using cream, relax around the shoulders with massage the shoulders and arms. It is a popular menu expected to have a glossy effect of smoothness by steaming and allowing cream nutrition to penetrate into the hair. Shampoo, conditioner and hand blow are included.





Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$51


We aim to moist and shiny skin with simple care. After massage with cleanser, scrub and cream, the pores tightened with face mask. Until the face mask is dry, both arms are massaged then topped off with remove the mask with a cold towel, lotions and moisturizing cream. Facial is all done by hand without using the engine at all.





Duration : 60 minutes

Price :  US$65


Shirodara leads the nerve to a relaxed state by dropping warm oil between the eyebrows. It is also called brain massage.

Shirodara will be done after massage the point of the head, neck and shoulder. 
*Includes shampoo and hair dryer.




Head Care 

Duration : 120 minutes

Price :  US$102


Set menu that combines Shirodara and Creambath with a great price.





Duration : 180 minutes

Price :  US$156


Encourage metabolism with Abhyanga Massage and Stone Therapy (back only) to warm up the body from the core.

Relax and refresh with Shirodara is also called brain massage. Let’s spend time of healing.


  • Abhyanga Massage 70 minutes
  • Stone Therapy 30 minutes
  • Bath time (include cake) 20 minutes
  • Shirodara 60 minutes



Warm Combination Treatment 

Duration : 180 minutes

Price :  US$140


After the herbal effect penetrate the skin while applying Herbal Ball on the body,

relax the body with warm natural stone and hand massage.

Increasing relaxation on both body and mind with warm effect, then refreshed with herbal bath time.


  • Herbal Ball Therapy 60 minutes
  • Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes
  • Herbal bath (include cake) 30 minutes 




LiANG Premium Package

Duration : 180 minutes

Price :  US$135


Creambath which is a favorite menu are included in all packages. It is also recommended for couples.


(Balinese Oil Massage + Lulur & Yogurt Pack + Bath time + Creambath)


(Balinese Oil Massage + Facial + Creambath)


(Foot Reflexology + Shiatsu Massage + Creambath)



The Coconut Bali 

Duration : 240 minutes

Price :  US$156


The coconut which is said to be the tree of life has been loved in Bali for a long time as a versatile material

containing abundant vitamins and minerals. It is a package that packed with full of charm coconut.


  • Virgin Coconut Oil Body Massage 105 minutes
  • Fresh Coconut & Carrot Body Mild Scrub 45 minutes
  • Coconut Milk Bath (include cake) 30 minutes
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Head Care 60 minutes


5 Hours Selection  

Price :  US$214


 Provide LiANG SPA favorite menus. Long packages are also recommended as memories of Bali.


  • Body Massage
    (Balinese Oil Massage/Stone Therapy/Shiatsu Massage) 90 minutes
  • Bath time (include cake) 30 minutes
  • Shirodara 60 minutes
  • Facial or Foot Reflexology 60 minutes
  • Creambath 60 minutes


6 Hours Selection (include Meal)

Price :  US$258

LiANG SPA the most popular long package that allows you to select the menu as your wishes.
It is a highly recommended package on the last day in Bali, because in 6 hours esthe also includes a meal at Angelique Cafe.


Select 6 menu from 60 minutes esthe menu below:

Esthe Menu  (60 minutes)

  • Balinese Oil Massage
  • Abhyanga Massage
  • Stone Therapy
  • Herbal Ball Therapy
  • Shiatsu Massage
  • Foot Reflexology
  • Facial
  • Crembath
  • Shirodara
  • Coconut Body Treatment + Bath time (include cake)
  • Lulur & Yogurt Pack + Bath time (include cake)
  • Bust Care + Bath time (include cake)

※Coconut body treatment, Lulur & yogurt pack are skin treatment not a massage

※Creambath is a treatment for hair and scalp massage



 ※Include coffee or tea

 (will be served at Angelique Cafe, a cafe inside the hotel)






ALL PRICE already included service charge & government tax


LiANG SPA Premium

Esthe Menu





Duration : 60 minutes

PRICE :  US$49


According to the theory of reflexology, foot reflexology can stimulate the acupuncture points of the soles of the feet by using abdomen of fingers and joints. Promotes blood circulation throughout the body and makes your feet feel lightly.