Wants to learn esthe in Bali, wants to give a massage to your loved ones, also when you want to open a salon, as well as want to esthe training, Staff of LiANG SPA Premium will always be happy to assist you.

Learning fun with our staff has become purpose of existence Liang SPA Premium.

For further information, please contact us via email.



Contents program:

Test, Model, Liang Spa Premium Training Certificate, Transport, Trial of the training menu, Lunch 



Training Menu

1 Day training (Balinese oil massage or Creambath) 

3 Days training (Select 1 menu or 2 menus from among Balinese oil massage, Abhyanga massage, Creambath)



Training Time

10:00 ~ 16:00 (include trial of the training menu & lunch time)



1 Day training  |  US$310   US$230
3 Days training  |  US$865   US$645


Esthe Training Programs